School teaches the 3 R's

We teach Reality

    Teens ages 13-19 

will learn:

      Comprehensive Program

Each teen receives:

Teens must be given sustainable tools to ensure their success now and in the future.

We teach teens real life skills that allow them to be proactive in reaching positive goals throughout their lives.

The Rising Stars Teen Program is recognized nationally as a premier program for teaching teen real life skills.

Our programs are flexible and modular to work with almost all schedules and needs.

  • How to be responsible and still be "cool"
  • How to increase their GPA
  • How to take positive control of their lives
  • How to communicate more effectively with parents, teachers and peers
  • How to use decision-making skills used by corporate leaders
  • Successful time management skills and leadership skills
  • Balance and direction


  • Personal Action Plan
  • Text book written for teens
  • Pre and Post Assessment
  • Binder to organize all materials and for note taking
  • Follow up sessions (choice of the teen) at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months to help reinforce the program, answer questions and provide time for discussion, if necessary
  • Facilitator availability by phone and/or email for the entire first year after program graduation (additional fee)

 Call 480-773-4686 for a free consultation and discuss program options