Camps will be held at the following location:
Horizon Presbyterian Church     
1401 E. Liberty Lane                    
Phoenix, AZ 85048 (Ahwatukee)


Performing Arts (1 Week Camp) 
Kids will love this class because they get a chance in a fun and engaging atmosphere to learn a range of performing arts.  Interactive games and activities will be used to teach kids key stage knowledge and skills including singing, movement, pantomine, acting and improv.  Although this class teaches performing arts, emphasis will also be on teaching the kids leadership, communication and teamwork.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Camp Dates and Times
June 20th - 23rd      1pm - 4pm
June 27th - 30th      1pm - 4pm
July 18th - 21st        1pm - 4pm
July 25th - 28th        1pm - 4pm

Tie Dye Fashion Design (1 Week Camp)
Kids get their chance to discover their own personal style and taste for fashion.  Kids will take the time to design and work individually or with the teacher to produce their very own tie dye fashion products.  Tie dye fashion will allow kids to explore many different colors and patterns for creating various fashion products and accessories.  They will also be able to take the time to reflect on what they like about fashion and then will design and create their own personal fashion style boards.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Camp Dates and Times
June 27th - 30th      9:30am - 12:30pm
July 18th - 21st        9:30am - 12:30pm

Recycling Art - Trash to Treasures (1 Week Camp)  
This is a great camp for kids because it really taps into their creativity and shows them how to take an everyday recycled item like a paper towel roll and turn it into a piece of art or into a musical instrument.  Each child will have the opportunity to explore their individual and unique style in creating art.  What the kids learn in this camp can be carried over to projects that they can create at home using recycled materials.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Camp Dates and Times
June 20th - 23rd      9:30am - 12:30pm
July 25th - 28th        9:30am - 12:30pm

Play Production (2 Week Camp) 
Kids will work together as a team to write, produce and perform their own original short play!  The camp will touch on all aspects of play production, therefore it is being run as a two week camp.  It all starts with creative storytelling which will help the kids to create their very own script.  Then they will go through the process of learning about staging, acting, makeup, props, costuming, stage terms, and the different jobs involved in theater.  The camp will conclude with a performance of their original play for family members.    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Camp Dates and Times
June 13th - 23rd      1pm - 4pm
July 11th - 21st        1pm - 4pm