Our Mission
Kre8tive Kid's mission is to train, develop, and equip kids and youth with the character skills and tools needed for them to be leaders in their families, schools, communities and their circle of influence.

Our Approach
Kre8tive Kids develops fun and engaging programs that are centered around character development and leadership skill building. All of our programs are designed as a mixture of high energy teachings, fun individual activities, challenging team activities and various skill building projects.

Our Difference
Most programs that kids are involved with these days mainly focus on teaching kids a sport, a skill or a talent. Very little time is spent on teaching and developing character. Kre8tive Kid's programs, however, are intentional about incorporating and teaching character development and leadership skills as the primary component, while using fashion, aviation, drama, music, sports, and various other activities to complement and reinforce the character skills that are taught. In other words, we are not interested in just developing athletes, dancers or artists that have great talents, but lack character. We are more interested in developing great leaders that at their core, have such tremendous character that it shines above the fact that they are also great students, athletes, academic achievers, artists, musicians, dancers… We believe in the value of character over talent.  That's Our Difference.


Our Core Values
Kids and youth that participate in Kre8tive Kids programs are taught and expected to abide by the 12 Core Values listed below.
Kre8tive Kids supports and reinforces the 6 Character Counts Core Values, which are listed first.

Trustworthiness Build trust and credibility with integrity, honesty, promise-keeping and loyalty
Respect Honor the worth of all individuals.  Treat others the way that you would like to be treated
Responsibility Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes.  Exercise self-control
Fairness Be consistent, open and treat all people equally.  Play by the rules
Caring Be kind, compassionate, empathetic, charitable, forgiving and grateful
Citizenship Do your share to improve the well-being of fellow citizens and the community
Be a Team Player There no “I” in Team.    T.E.A.M. stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More
Communicate Openly Say what needs to be said, but do it in a respectful manner
Believe Have faith and don’t give up, despite obstacles and “failed” attempts
Keep a Positive Attitude Have fun and stay positive especially when you don’t get your way
Be Thankful Remember where you started and thank those that helped you along the way
Model Leadership Set a good example and realize that others are watching and following



  Our Core Leadership Skills
The Kre8tive Kids classes focus on building character and leadership skills through teaching and modeling the following Core Leadership Skills. These skills are taught and reinforced in every program, but with different areas of concentration depending on the class level.

• Kre8tive Thinking
• Communication
• Team Building
• Time Management
• Decision Making
• Conflict Resolution
• Problem Solving

About Jerry
Jerry Ervin is the president of Kre8tive Kids. For the past 19 years, Jerry has worked in the capacity as a business consultant and corporate trainer. He has trained corporate leaders, adults and youth in the areas of leadership, communication, team building, conflict resolution, adapting to change, and many other life skill topics.  In addition to his professional career, for 8 years Jerry and his wife volunteered as a Youth Leaders in their local church and were successful in launching a high school youth program and a middle school youth program. Jerry continues to be active in training and equipping today's youth to be successful in tomorrow's society.

Jerry has spoken to youth and adults on various topics such as:
• Characteristics and Values of a Leader
• Dreams, Visions and Goals
• Planning for Success
• Purpose, Passion, Planning, Perseverance and People
• Who Are You? No Really, Who Are You?
• Overcoming Against All Odds
• High Performance Team Building
• Understanding and Working With Others
• Diversity: Valuing Differences
• Power of our Words
• Effective Communication
• Attitude, Aptitude and Attitude (Character over Talent)
• Setting Boundaries
• Resolving Conflict